Friday Fiction Fix…

Something different – why not? I mean… it seems many are bored with my blogging activities so I may as well do something different. Adding rapidly… maybe I don’t blame you if you are bored. I have sort of fell out a bit with blogging… after 3272 posts… a certain staleness could creep in. So… accept my apology and wish me luck… as I plod on into the indefinite future.

Right… enough whinging… so, here’s the photo… and then I’ll add the words… just the beginning of the story… because I’m still working on the rest. Have a good look at the photo… before looking at the text. Do tell me what the walls say to you, won’t you?

Tortured Voices

I stood… staring up at the stark walls. Now only a ruin but still an imposing sight. The window cavities were reinforced by timbers and the walls propped up by robust steel structures. The floors and roof were long gone, adding to the ominous hulking remnant, as if the powers-that-be reasoned long ago to let ruin take over but not completely destroy the building – to leave an eerie reminder of past iniquity – just like history demanded that the stark remains of Nazi concentration camps be left as a reminder…

My mind ran away – the voices were calling. Tortured voices. They were beckoning me inside… no, not inside the unsafe structure – rather inside the minds of the long dead inhabitants. I heard the faint scream… downward travelling scream… followed by a muffled thud. Somebody falling? Yes… me, obliviously walking along and tripping over tangled roots. Reality returned – with the proverbial bang. There I lay on the wet lawn – the gentle rain adding to my misery. I glanced at my camera – fortunately it seemed intact. I turned on my back and took a photo of the building… retaining the memory of the voices that I’d heard – voices that would return later – and haunt me until I told their story…

(To be continued… or not, depending on your feedback…)

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9 Responses to Friday Fiction Fix…

  1. Irene says:

    Ah, I want to read more! The pic goes great with the story. 😊


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    … shivers down my spine.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. de Wets Wild says:

    My eerste gedagte was ook dat dit n “asylum” van een of ander aard moes gewees het. Not te moer sal ek daar in gaan!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rainee says:

    Excellent piece of writing. I enjoyed it 🙂⚡️


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