Thursday Thought – Classic Cartoons

My good lady sent me a cartoon meme… but I’ll wait with that one for a bit. Let me first share a photo I took just a few days ago, down at the Arklow Recreation Centre. The wall art is often changed – this is one of my favourites of the new batch. I particularly like the bright yellow smiley face… cos it fits in so well with my love of smileys – bright smileys!

OK… I’m not an expert but believe the characters above are from Mario Brothers… but – next is the meme I mentioned – no need to introduce you to the best entertainment duo in history – no confusion here, even I know this pair! No further words required…

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6 Responses to Thursday Thought – Classic Cartoons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom & Jerry remind me of cycads. Love them both but they will outlive us all


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    So, IEMAND is darem nog ouer as ek. Ek voel deesdae al meer soos ‘n fossiel op pad na extinction.


  3. Una says:

    Ek! Ek! Ek ook!!!


  4. Toortsie says:

    Ag, ek het nou altwee jou prentjies baie geniet. Mag Tom en Jerry nog baie lank leef.


  5. de Wets Wild says:

    En ek sal nou nog vir hulle kyk!


  6. Rainee says:

    Yes Vosse, I grew up with Tom and Jerry 😁🤡🤣


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