Saturday’s Multi Word Story… Eating Peaches…

I wanted to say something striking today … something like…

one bite too many – causes belly-ache.

But, that wasn’t profound enough… so, I carried on biting… just to prove I could! No… I carried on because I felt like eating the thing! However, the real reason for eating the peach, yes, yes… I know… just let’s stick with peach. Humour me, won’t you? OK… so… the symbolism of eating the peach – that has done the rounds in the music world… especially the Southern Rocker’s world… if you don’t believe me, ask the Allman Brothers when you next bump into one of them. There you have it… you have at least half the story.

You see… I will eventually be doing the Thirty Day Creativity Challenge – most likely starting on 01 March 2020. Ever since Rainee introduced me to the challenge some moths ago, the ideas have been gnawing at me… should I do this… should I do that? I’ll share more detail before month end but for now, let me just say the peach along with its very own backdrop have something to do with how I envisage the daily posts to turn out…

Right… it really won’t be right of me to mention the Allman Brothers and their peach eating without further explanation… so, why don’t I include a song from that very album… something suitably mellow for a Saturday!

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1 Response to Saturday’s Multi Word Story… Eating Peaches…

  1. Rainee says:

    Hey Vossie – thanks for giving me another mention. I really like your photo of the peach against the background. Looking forward to more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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