Creativity Challenge – The Time Has Come!

OK so… I’ve prattled on in the past about doing the Thirty Day Creativity Challenge I learned about over at Rainee’s blog. I returned to that original post to go look-see at the idea that set off this train of events. Here’s a clip of the comment I left… way back in early December.

Quite a lot has happened since then… and many ideas have come… and most have gone. However, as I have mentioned on a few occasions… I do daily posts… so, that is not a challenge. The challenge is to bring something fresh to the challenge – for you, and for me. I’ll begin on the 02 MAR 2020 and as that is a Monday, I’ll stick with the macro theme. However, I’ll be searching for something weird or wonderful to place.

But now comes the difference. I will be placing a paragraph or two each day… snippets taken from stories I have written in the past… or bits from stories I am currently working on. Also, in the comment above, I mentioned a “Wildflower Wednesday” series. That will begin on the day after St Patrick’s Day. Be warned – I’d love for it to become a regular… and I’d love for you to take part. Show us the wildflowers in your hood, please!

Right… see you then on Monday for my first day of the Thirty Day Creative Challenge… until then, here’s another photo taken at Kilmore Quay… stunning light… out over the Celtic Sea… looking south! The two smears of land are the Saltee Islands… the home of the puffins… a place we’ll be visiting in the summer.

Something else I’ll be reminding you of during the challenge – and hopefully I’ll be able to challenge you to participate – is the SAFFER Worldwide platform, especially the magazine! Have you had a look yet at the February issue? Well, if not… why not do so right now by clicking here!!

PS – Please let me know if the link doesn’t get you to the magazine… there may be a gremlin lurking…

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4 Responses to Creativity Challenge – The Time Has Come!

  1. Looking forward to your challenge.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ek het klaar lekker gelees aan jou tydskrif.Baie oulik!
    Mooi foto!


  3. Sheree says:

    That’s a stunning photo! Enjoy your challenge.


  4. Rainee says:

    Well done Vossie! Definitely a man of your word 🌟💫🎶


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