Day #1 – 30 Day CC – Wonderful Macro Inspiration

Here we go… on the road to my own insanity. Why? Because… usually, when I do these 30 day challenges, I get fed up with the process halfway through and then it becomes a drag. Therefore… to prevent being locked up in the outhouses of my mind, I’ll be as varied as possible with the daily content. Let’s begin with a macro photo. Why not? So… here’s an interesting view… and…  I’ll give you three guesses…

Next… here’s an extract taken from a yet to be completed tale… I need to find the path to the end of this saga…

Apparently, in times gone by, the General had been particularly fond of a little skirt… in whatever state he could find it. The cheaper the better. That, he was quick to point out, was one of life’s enduring philosophies.

STD’s… rumour had it, devil dodging had corrupted and decayed the grey matter, his grey matter.

Then… there were those who claimed he was of perfectly sound mind and with decades of practice, had become the maestro of deception. Sharp, sharp, extra sharp, this old fellow, they whispered…   

Right folk… that’s day one… happy Monday… happy March… happy Macros… happy happy!

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11 Responses to Day #1 – 30 Day CC – Wonderful Macro Inspiration

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ek raai dis ‘n blom.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rainee says:

    Well done Vossie!


  4. AJ, this seems to be headed a bit in a direction that I am simply not comfortable going with on my site.. I am so sorry if I have misunderstood.


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