Day #2 – 30 Day CC – I Challenge You – to a Dance!

Yep… this is only day two of the challenge and I’m already challenging you. However… I’m not going to challenge you to do the thirty days… rather, how about suggesting that you suggest. You suggest a few of your favourite Tuesday Tunes… and I’ll see where we can find a boogie spot. Let’s dance, shall we? All night long? YES!!

Right… now you’re awake! Refreshing to see the lady has longer hair than most of the lads! Yep… those were the days… when boys were boys and girls knew it! Mind you… boys knew they were boys – and most mothers feared for their daughter’s well-being! So… today’s photo? How about another of the nude on the beach? See if you spot another oddity…

Moving swiftly on… here’s an extract from today’s selected story:

Lizzie looked out of the window. Why would this stranger decide to call her on one of the most sodden days of the year? Cold, wet… windy. Typical.

“Give me a few minutes… I’ll be right over.”

“Good, thanks. I take it I’m not inconveniencing you too much?”

He knew all too well he was but hey, thought Lizzie, if there’s a bit of money in here for me then what’s a bit of bad weather?


“Good to meet you.”

She lied, forcing her words out over the howling wind.

“Likewise… thanks for making the effort.”

Lizzie glance at Tom Ginger Redmond. The ginger was self-explanatory. More like carrot top! Yes, Tom Carrot-top Redmond would have been more apt. However, she suspected a few schoolyard boxing matches stopped any chance of that name ever sticking. He looked like a brawler. Big, strong and muscular. Well, at least he had the decency of attempting gratitude.

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9 Responses to Day #2 – 30 Day CC – I Challenge You – to a Dance!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Lekker stoute prentjie daar op die strand!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rainee says:

    Off to a great start! 🙂


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