Day #4 – 30 Day CC – Blowing Smoke

It’s that time of the month again… the time when I blow loads of smoke and hot air. Now… I have a feeling there will be some of you who suggest I blow smoke and hot air all month long. However, today’s smoke is of a different constituency – full of black carbon and even a bit of soot! But wait… I hear you say… that’s not good! And guess what? I agree with you, almost totally, the pollution element is bad but the carbon?

OK… enough about that kind of hot air and smoke… the smoke I’m blowing today is in reference to the March issue of the SAFFER Worldwide magazine. It’s that time of the month again… when I start soliciting submissions! Yep… it’s amazing just how quickly deadlines loom in the printing industry! It’s also amazing just how many new, creative tricks one must work on to do such soliciting – sometimes it’s called begging! And… it’s equally amazing how I can find the temerity to nag and nag… and nag again!

There you have it… while the ship sets sail into the wild world, I’ll leave you with an extract from a story written many moons ago…

“You’re a very good artist. Why then would you be displaying your works at the Merrion Square weekend exhibits? Aren’t those exhibits meant for up and coming wannabe’s?”

“Firstly, thanks for the compliment. Secondly, I enjoy the fun of the open-air exhibits. Also, it exposes my work to many potential buyers who wouldn’t necessarily go to galleries.”

“Surely you have enough exposure during your official hangings? Pardon me if I’m wrong but my research suggests you often sell out way before the end of exhibits.”

“Aha… not only have you taken me captive but you’ve researched my sales. Next you will inform me what my net worth may be.”

“That I could do but I’m sure you’ll think me bad mannered, if I do.”

Again the smile softened his features. Yes, he was toying with me but in a harmless way, I hoped. I continued.

“The main reason why I’m out there every second weekend is to get rid of as many of my lesser works as I can. I often have trial or experimental canvasses. I used to toss them in the skip until an ex of mine suggested I finish them off and flog them. That was the best advice I ever got from any girl I’ve had the privilege of meeting.”

He gave me a long hard look before ordering another round of drinks. I half raised my hand in protest, acutely aware that I was already well over the driving limit.

PS – I’ll also leave you with the request… have a look-see at the magazine if you haven’t done so yet… you may be more than pleasantly surprised!

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