Day #5 – 30 Day CC – Photo Fixing – Florals!

Part of this creativity challenge is to take on new ideas and/ or tricks. I only use the basics of photo fixing software – usually my free Nikon stuff. I once tried Photoshop but let it go. So, a few days ago when I stumbled upon a YouTube clip about the top five free photo fixing software applications, my curiosity got the better of me. But… hold on just a second… here’s today’s photo… all I’ve done with the first one is to convert it from RAW to JPG… for illustration purposes.

Spring sunshin

Next up… I’ve used my Nikon software to enhance the colours just a tad… and to crop the original a little…

That’s usually about the effect I go for… just a smidgen brighter and crisper. But, I thought I’ll try and make head or tail of one of the software packages. GIMP – it was rated as Number One by the reviewer. (Link here.) However, just before I show you what happened to my first attempt at doing what I usually do… the daffodils reminded me of an extract from my very first attempt at novel writing.

The arrival of spring, longer days and a bit more sunshine had lightened the mood in the household. The odd sightseeing trips to Dublin and the west were possible. The new growth and many shades of green was a constant reminder to them of their fresh re-start to life. The often-overlooked and taken for granted daffodil was fast becoming a symbol of their fresh new life!  

Ropey writing I know… but my writing skills have improved over the years, I think… unlike my ability to grasp photo editing tricks. I’m really not patient enough to work it out on my own. So, here goes… the first two saved images…

I bet many of you will be able to pinpoint exactly what I was attempting to do in both these photos…

No… don’t ask me how that blue bow happened… I don’t have the foggiest!

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2 Responses to Day #5 – 30 Day CC – Photo Fixing – Florals!

  1. Mmmmmmm laat mens dink…


  2. The angle addds so much to the photo. Great work.


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