Day #10 of the 30 Day CC – Wildflower Wednesday Beginnings

A few months ago I suggested that we get a Wildflower Wednesday challenge going. The idea was to begin after St Patrick’s Day – so, as next Wednesday is the day after the great Irish celebration, why don’t we kick off on that day? However, there’s nothing new about the idea so as an introduction, here’s my rapidly hatching (new creative) plan. For starters, here’s a photo of one of our favourite beaches… taken from behind a thick stand of feral rape seed…

Right… that’s an old photo… but here’s the not-so-old idea. I picked up these two seed collections at one of our “pound” shops. The box claims to have 15K seeds included. Now… that will add colour, don’t you think? The seeds are for our back garden… to do just what the box says… attract butterflies and bees… and will bring other insects as well as birds too! However… the thought that really excites me – get another box, collect the grand-kids… go to our favourite beach on a warmer spring day and pollute the planet… with seeds!

There you have it… tweaking my creative streak just a tad. So… do you think I’ll be setting a good example or is my idea not good? I mean… the yellow spread down at the beach is not that indigenous… so, if we sow seeds will we be adding to a problem or do we justify the deed in the name of helping the pollinators?

PS – I’ve done a bit of reading – some of the varieties are from Europe so I would think a limited number could well be indigenous to Ireland…

PPS  – Watch this space for updates

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3 Responses to Day #10 of the 30 Day CC – Wildflower Wednesday Beginnings

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Native vs non-native is a debate many ecologists, gardeners and botanists have had. What is ‘native’ after all? I used to be very much just native plants person, but gardening has showen me non native plants have their place, in our gardens, and parks.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks! I’m sort of thinking along those lines but as I feel feral rapeseed is invasive, I don’t want to land in the situation where two wrongs don’t make a right, if you know what I mean? 👍🤔😃

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  2. Prior... says:

    I Think you have many good ideas a keep doing what you do!


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