Day #11- the 30 Day CC – Lucky Thirteenth!!

So… Armageddon has started. That was something I heard yesterday. The schools are closed… seems the first time in forever St Patrick’s Day parades are not happening this year. I mean… how devastating for Ireland and the Irish around the world. Not only for the Irish… for anyone who usually raises a glass to the annual event.

However… Friday the Thirteenth is a great day… why would it be any different from any other Friday? If the day really bugs you and you’re stuck at home looking after kids that are not at school… I have a collection of short stories available over at the Massive A’s store… just click here … you’ll find The Lucky Thirteen… further proof that I don’t believe the day is toxic!

There you have it… wash your hands – don’t get too close to others… sneeze into your elbow… wash your hands again and beware the black cats in the neighbourhood. No, don’t bother about the cats… it’s infected people to be wary of… but how would you know they’re infected? Have a whiskey… or three… I have long believed the cure is in the bottle…

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5 Responses to Day #11- the 30 Day CC – Lucky Thirteenth!!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Sterkte met die nuwe maatreels, AJ, en hou julself gesond!

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