Day 17 – Wildflower Wednesday – Beginnings…

Many moons ago, the idea for a Wildflower Wednesday series dawned on me. I then thought that beginning in mid March would give me a little more chance of finding new material as the spring settles in here in the northern hemisphere. I mentioned this idea and had positive response from quite a few folk. So, here’s the beginnings of my regular posts.

Many folk have their own challenges going so I don’t expect this to turn into a massive back-link fest but hey, if you feel like sharing in the fun then please do so… in that way we can show off nature’s beauty and maybe even point folk in the direction of blogs they have not visited before – thus, using creativity to build friendship!

OK… I hear you saying… the southern hemisphere is going into autumn so they may not have spring flowers to show. There’s a few suggestions I can make… show us old photos that you’ve never had the opportunity to show or… show us what is still blooming now… there must be autumn specials you can boast with. Mostly though… this must be about flowers and friendship… and fun!

Right… what will I place as my first offering? Aha… I know… the signaller of spring… as seen in our own garden. Wildflower? Yes… it was not planted by us… and I have a faint suspicion it was planted by the birds…because this particular plant is growing in an old chopped-off tree stump!

Tree stump Daffodil… herald of spring! In our front garden… adding cheer to all who need a sprouting of pleasure!!

OK – Place a back-link if you so feel… or just have fun with the idea of a #Wildflower Wednesday post… or twenty.

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1 Response to Day 17 – Wildflower Wednesday – Beginnings…

  1. This is a lovely photo.


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