Day 19 – Even Sports Cars Need TLC

Creativity begins with an idea. Simple – yes, very often a simple idea. But I don’t think I have to tell you that – you are all creative people for if you weren’t, you most likely would never have blogged and by extension then never have visited this particular web-page on this specific day. OK… so what am I trying to say?

How do the ideas arrive and how do we interpret the ideas to create something unique or something we have never done before? Today’s photo goes a little way toward explaining my though processes… well, so I hope. When I noticed the car’s open lid, I had to act fast – I had to take the photo. But, the owner of the car was looking directly at me so I had to be bold and ask if I could take the picture. Fortunately he enjoyed my quip about even fancy beasts needing a hot cuppa on occasion.

And there lies the answer – we are constantly being offered ideas – we just need to accept the offers and act. Right… now I rush off to another matter of importance.

Later today I’ll share the link to this month’s Saffer Worldwide magazine… yep, it’s that time of the month again! I’ll also do a bit of chat radio later in the evening – around 17h30GMT – in celebration. Do join me, thanks!

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