Day 20 of the 30 DCC – When Life Imitates Fiction – Horror Stories

Below is a comment I placed on a fellow Irish blog. It seems Max Power writes horror fiction so the whole global threat we’re living under fits into his thinking sphere. Well, let me correct that – at this point in time it should fit into all our thinking spheres. However, first read the comment before judging…

Yes – I agree… it seems like we’re living the horror nightmare… at least if that’s what we want to do.
We’re also in Ireland – have seen for myself the empty shelves in Tesco – no eggs in Supervalu.
Sad that people add their own selfish misery on top of the real threat!
I keep daily track of the statistics – more to calm my family down than to see what is going on. I use this website
I refresh a few times a day and also use a population pyramid site to check on age statistics.
It becomes evident that the older the population the more the impact could be – hence the very high rates in Italy.
I will note – I do not want to trivialise – I only use the stats to place perspective on all of this!
On a slightly brighter note – two points – it seems a freely available malaria drug can work to stem the flow – hope is there! Also, a stat I heard last evening – it seems about 80% of the population may be naturally immune to the virus… more hope.

The comment was posted around 08h00GMT on 20 MAR 2020. I’m including that as a point of reference because so much can happen before this post goes live. However, what I’m getting at is the fact that it is always useful to remain calm and that is the message I gained from reading Max Power’s post.

Find the balance between trivialising and hysteria – I trust that’s where hope will hatch!

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