Day 24 – In Search of Ethereal Perfection – Wildflower Wednesday

Social distancing – avoiding others – not going where the others are going. As you know, these last few weeks have seen almost all indoor gatherings and outdoor sports events cancelled. However – people have the desire for the outdoors and now that their usual entertainment has been curtailed, we have noticed an increase of walkers in our usual seaside spots. Good that folk are finding ways to amuse themselves. Only thing, we went down to the beach expecting the usual winter/ chilly spring low visitor numbers. You see… we have a 90 year old to care for and worry about – so we go down and sit and watch – often within meters of the car. Now, we can’t do that – just too many people around.

That meant we chose a different approach and went inland. At one of our stops we found empty peace. I spotted what I thought to be a wood anemone bud. I tried to get a photo but recalled a different spot where we’d seen a great showing a few years ago. We set off in that direction and found another open space lacking humans. We walked on a wee while but there was no sign of the delicate little flowers. However, on the way back, I kept going past the car and found a few newly sprouting clumps. I eventually had to take a photo from above because I would’ve got rather wet if I’d fallen into the river in an attempt to get a full frontal. So… here you have my best attempt at capturing the ethereal. Who knows, next week, if we should go look for these little beauties they may have pasted… their transient beauty is very short-lived!

Do join in the Wildflower Wednesday fun, if you so feel! Stay safe – be happy!

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13 Responses to Day 24 – In Search of Ethereal Perfection – Wildflower Wednesday

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Beautifuly captured. Stay safe and well

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  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Pas julle mooi op, AJ – die verganklikheid van die blommetjie herinner ons dat ons ook nie vir lank hier is nie.

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  5. Damyanti Biswas says:

    So beautiful!


  6. That is a lovely wildflower. 😊


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