Thursday Thought – Bored… or Not?

So… how is the isolation game going where you are? Still having fun? Still thinking up new games to amuse yourself… and those incarcerated with you? From my point of view… I have some fun to offer you! It is that time of the month… when I start harassing folk to send on content for this month’s magazine.

Yep… send on your stories… in so doing, you will help make another person SMILE… you will provide a lighter moment. And… the more moments we here at SAFFER Worldwide can share, the more you’ll laugh or smile in return! I can vouch for the fun – feel free to ask the folk who have contributed and shared their smiles!

OK… so, I wasn’t going to say too much today – especially after yesterday’s 1000 word essay but I feel the need to remind you all to go read last month’s magazine… click right here – and then, feel free to send on your happy pieces! Don’t forget the photos… we thrive on colour and happy! Which reminds me… I have to add today’s photo. How about a glimpse at one of our closest beaches? We have had official confirmation – the access road to this beach is now closed off! Drat… no midnight skinny dipping then… too far to walk in the dark!

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3 Responses to Thursday Thought – Bored… or Not?

  1. Sheree says:

    We’re into week 3 of lockdown and we’re fine. This is largely because we’ve worked from home for last 15 years and have an established routine which we’ve varied to fit current circumstances. We ride on the terrace on our home trainers rather than going out for a ride. Instead of going for a walk along the sea front for a coffee, we walk around the Domaine’s large private grounds and have a coffee at home. The main beneficiary of all this down time is our terrace garden of succulents. They are positively thriving. Maybe I don’t have digits of doom after all!

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