Thursday Thought – There’s Hope in Hoping!

So… are you getting ratty… or on edge? Is isolation making you wonder about freedom… or the lack of it? Are you getting just a tad tired of what you’re seeing on TV or hearing on the radio? Is the news depressing the last semblance of positivity out of you? Well, I can only sympathise and suggest a few things:

  • Switch off the TV – especially the news!
  • Do the same with the radio news… and the newspapers – basically, avoid the mass media spew… totally! Promise, it won’t take long before you start feeling human again!

Why? Some may say you need to keep up to date with the news… to keep up to date with the situation. OK… maybe? But, here’s a thing for you. It seems the mass media is playing the doom and gloom narrative to the maximum. Keep the people scared… keep them in submission – keep them fearing the virus and its consequences.

There are other places to get news… the internet – just stay away from the regular mass media outlets here too. They push the same narrative on the internet as on traditional platforms. Question so-called facts, ask yourself about past happenings that may have clues to what you should take as fact. I’m going to leave one link… and I chose this one specifically because it predates all the latest hype by more than a year… so, I think it is still a fair reflection of fact, even though the authors here may have an agenda too.

The piece deals with annual seasonal flu statistics – and I suggest you have a good look at just a few of the details and compare it with what you are being fed now.

Annual Flu Numbers…

What am I trying to say? Look after yourself – yes, this is a serious threat and yes, we must be careful. BUT, don’t give up on the last semblance of hope – you need to believe that you are going to get your freedom back… even if, in months to come, you may have to adapt to a different normal. Wear gloves and masks when you step out into communal places – don’t chance unnecessary exposure. BUT – please stay positive – your mental health depends on it! Just think… you could avoid the virus but if that leads to depression then you face a totally different battle… potentially much longer term that the physical illness could impose.

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4 Responses to Thursday Thought – There’s Hope in Hoping!

  1. I’ve lost myself in a Long tale of Fantasy and am feeling so much better.

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  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Vriende se geselskap en ondersteuning help swaarmoedigheid teenwerk. Ons whatsappgroepie hou elke dag konsert, ons speel speletjies en vertel stories – dankie tog vir sosiale media. Kom ons hoop die internetstrukture bly staan.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Nes jy sê – die internet moet net werk… ons kan lekker pret bou!
      Net so btw… ek werk op die oomblik aan Nellie vir die maand… nou soek ek Upington prentjies!! 😁😁😁

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