Thursday Thought – What Next??

So… here’s a thought. After lock-down, what will you do differently? I’ve really been giving a few things much thought. I have, for years, said I’d love to return to the land – to plant stuff – and to have a chicken run. Well, I may have a toe in the door to the beginnings of putting that into reality after we regain our freedom. For now… I’ll leave it there and ask… what will you do differently when you regain your freedom… maybe join me down the rabbit hole to a different reality?

So… join me – let’s open a different door… and see where the new reality leads!

PS – it’s been ages since I’ve shared in Norm’s Thursday Doors fun… why not, I bet my door will impress a few others…

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10 Responses to Thursday Thought – What Next??

  1. I love your red door image. Reminds me of a story I made up for my children about a girl called Susan who was made small by a good fairy and taken to see the Fairy Queen through such a door in a tree trunk. I think my answer to your question is “I’ll proceed with lots of caution.”


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks – great story you made up – and yes, we shall proceed with cautious abandon! Why not… I mean… what have we to lose? 😁😁


  2. Sheree says:

    Suitably impressed by the door


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