Friday Flappers – Feeding Frenzy…

Seagulls are a greedy, opportunistic lot. They’ve also long learned that humans love sharing their waste – so, now… when they see a human on the banks of the river they immediately start circling – waiting noisily for a free feed. Mind you, the ducks and swans are also well trained but they’re not as noisy, or as aggressive!

PS – Here’s a thought… how about a name for a pub? The Swan and Seagull? Or… the Greedy Seagull?

PPS – So, another thought… many of you read my posts way early in the morning, my time… it is Friday – so, why don’t you join me this evening on Saffer Radio… around 17h45GMT!? We’ll have fun… and you can frolic around your patio… or kitchen… or bedroom… or, wherever! So… here’s the link…

Come on, as another fella I know of has been known to say…

… what have you to lose??

PPPS – Just by the way, the radio is always on… Ms Auto DJ plays cool music, for your pleasure… yep, 24/ 7/ 365.25… you might find the music refreshing… no trash – no adverts, very little nonsense stuff and almost no chat – but, way better quality than background “elevator” music!

PPPPS – Here’s another thought… if you’re a small business owner or solo operator affected by this foul bug, tell us about your setup… we’ll give you a shout-out – we’ll even place a voice clip on the radio, so… send us a MP3 – and share the fun! Free!!

PPPPPS – OK… I’ll go now – chat later, stay safe, be happy!

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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