Tuesday Tales… of Happy Smiles!

Saturday gone by I clicked into the Amazon link to my first collection of short stories and noticed a new review. Wow… it made me smile… big time! Why, you may ask? Well, let me say it like this… that collection has been available there since July 2017… and it still only has ten reviews! So, when a fresh review arrives it is always cool… especially when it is a five-star rating with very positive feedback.

Anyway, that lead me to the next thought… I checked the second collection but it still has no reviews! Yep, it’s been available since January 2019, has sold copies but still needs reviews!

However, the great review prompted me to put both books up on special for the week… so, at the moment you can get both for $0.99 on Amazon dot Com! Yep… that’s 27 stories for less than TWO Dollars! So… how about killing quite a few beer-bugs in one go? Boredom breakers – light entertainment… call it what you want.

OK, so… then – after I placed the collections on special another smiling session arrived in my inbox! You see, I didn’t know the name of the reviewer but when the mail arrives I realised it was a fellow blogger who had placed the review. Now… this fellow blogger has inspired me for many years – you see, she is a well published author. Many articles and short stories later and now her first novel is freely available too! All I need to do is place the link to Damyanti’s blog HERE… do visit her blog, do support her – proceeds from her book sales are going to two worthy causes.

OK, so… this post has given me an idea. Apart from trying to sell more books at a knockdown price, I will also give other bloggers who have commented and placed reviews a shout-out in the next few weeks! Yep, I have to confess… you placed smiles on my face too… and it is about time I say so! Long overdue, but – in this case, rather late than sorry!

PS – Thanks for staying with me until this point… if you’re interested – look at the right hand sidebar for the two book cover images as seen above – click on the images… the respective Kindle pages will open… THANKS!

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