Tuesday Tales – Review From Down Under!

Last Tuesday I mentioned that I would name a few bloggers who have in the past read my first collection of short stories and also left reviews. Like last week, I’ll add a clip of the review here for you to see.

I have long learned to take note when Rainee speaks. An astute judge of character and a thinker also. I think it is fair to say we don’t always agree on everything, but – I have learned to listen and then investigate what Rainee says. One example of this are the series Rainee has done in the past on philosophers. Now, I believe a philosopher is as human as the next man and even though they are entitled to their opinions I cannot understand how other humans revere the philosophers’ dogma and/ or perceived wisdom’s.

However… I have taken to appreciating Rainee’s posts… simply because it makes me think… and makes me test my own views on truth against the backdrop of mortal thinking. So, thank you Rainee… not only for the book review but more-so for making me think… stimulating debate and also proving that wisdom can come from a variety of sources. OK, so… I think this photo fits the bill rather well… reality – as seen from different angles… can lead to the affirmation of personal truths!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tales – Review From Down Under!

  1. Rainee says:

    Thanks for the mention Vossie. I DID enjoy reading your stories and am happy to recommend to others. You are a great storyteller 🙂🤠⭐️

    Liked by 1 person

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