Thursday Thought – Muzzling Wisdom?

I’ll keep this short…

What is wisdom? Where is wisdom found? In books? By experience? By discussion? By study of history? By listening to endless mass media news releases? Maybe all of the above… maybe just by living life and asking questions… as well as all of the above?

So – because I do not always agree with the modern narrative (read climate change and globalist lies here) I am shouted down. Thus, my simple questions – my attempt at building knowledge to help boost my grasp on wisdom, is muzzled.

A quick example – if a close friend disagrees with me and decides to call me one of the oft abused derogatory terms like racist/ climate denier/ supremacist/ toxic patriarchal male… am I supposed to just take it on the chin and shut-up to retain harmony? Is that not a form of censorship, just because I ask questions to challenge the narrative?

OK – I said short… so, I’ll leave it with you…

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Muzzling Wisdom?

  1. Rainee says:

    A quote given to me once “I neither agree nor disagree with what you believe but deeply respect your right to think differently than me”. PS It was given to me when my first marriage broke up!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Always a wise word from you! Thanks!! Yep, I think wisdom is built by listening to all sides – and learning acceptance of different views an opinions!
      PS – Marriage break-ups are brutal… I lived one too…

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