Friday Flappers – Releasing My Inner Pigeon?

We, at the OMBH household, have had a new visitor for the last few days. A new friend – a pigeon. I know a tiny bit about pigeons so, I am claiming that this friendly bird is a well looked after racing bird that has either become disorientated or is carrying an injury. Why it chose our place is a mystery… but, maybe it sensed we don’t have any pets that could cause danger.

Here’s me calling the bird down… to feed on the seed I’d placed – close to the water bowl we’d also placed on the ground. The bird responds as soon as it is ready but I have a feeling one of its wings is not well. It does not want to fly and only moves in short, erratic bursts. But… I did manage to get one action shot…

There you have it… me releasing my proverbial inner pigeon… just for fun!

PS – It’s party time again this evening… do join me around 17h30WET at Saffer Radio... we aim to drive out the beer-bug blues!

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3 Responses to Friday Flappers – Releasing My Inner Pigeon?

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Pragtige foto, die laaste een. My man het ook wedvlugduiwe aangehou vir ‘n paar jaar, totdat ek moeg geraak het vir duiwe-wedrenne/oefenvlugte/mis op my stoep/kinders wat nie ‘n geluid mag maak wanneer die duiwe ingewag word nie. Ek was nie bereid om ‘n duif-weduwee te wees nie.

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