Thursday Thought – Beauty… in the Eye of the Beholder

On Tuesday afternoon, we took two of the grandsons down to our favourite beach. There was a smattering of folk about but as we walked further a different scene presented itself. A photo shoot was in progress. It was a bright day so the lighting equipment sort of stood out in it’s oddity.

If you’re wondering about the pose… no, it’s not a pose – the young lady was brushing the sand off of her. I’ll add, on our way back we stopped to have a brief chat with the trio. They were great about it and smiled happily at our (my) silly questions. I even managed a shot of the lady with one of the grandsons… we have a faint suspicion he was/ is smitten.

PS – No… I’m not going to post that photo… I may have modelling promoters coming at me for sneaking pics of their models!

PPS – There’s a word for photographers taking photos of other photographers… help me, please share it!

PPPS – I’m the amateur… they’re the professionals!

OK so… I’ll share one more pic… there’s always another interested party at a shoot, won’t you say?

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