Friendship Friday – Nes Filicio

I think it’s time for change here at OMBH – so, on Fridays, we’ll be visiting folk who regularly support my blog. A bit of blog hopping will be in the offing – to say thanks and to build friendships! OK so… I have been toying with a specific word for the last few days. Then, when Nes Filicio mentioned the word in a post about tension it struck a memory chord! Thanks Nes! The word?


Yes… we all know about completion, don’t we? However – I want to use it in a new(ish?) setting. Let me explain, just a little. I “cultivate” a thistle in the back garden. Early on May, when we were allowed to have visitors to the garden, the grand-kids called around. A football game ensued and before I could warn them, a few had trodden on the young plant. I really thought it was going to suffer heavy consequences. Then, only a few days ago we had other visitors – and I got a quizzical look at my prize specimen. You could see the expression… “and the weed?”

I explained that it wasn’t a weed – it was an indigenous perennial – much loved by bees and butterflies – like dandelions, daisies and nettles. That’s when the concept of a “competition plant” dawned on me. Therefore – if they can out compete lesser plants they seem to get in our way. Not good!

Right so… thanks Nes for reminding me of the tension between man and plant, especially when competition plays a major part!

Happy Friday – spread the joy – share the friendship!

Both are top views… rather a green affair! From having both the main growing stalks almost flattened in early May, it has recovered and is now about 50cm (20 inch) tall… some going!

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6 Responses to Friendship Friday – Nes Filicio

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  2. What medicinal properties do this plant have? I recently started learning about weeds having medicinal properties

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    • aj vosse says:

      I’ll have to check on that for you… not sure if I’ve seen anything about thistles and their medicinal worth yet! I’ll get back to you soon…


  3. nesfelicio says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Competition.
    Honoured to be referred in your post.
    I have always enjoyed your blog.
    Oftentimes funny, sometimes serious, always authentic.
    Brings a smile.
    Happy Friday and thanks for spreading the friendship!

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