Thursday Thought – Fleeting…

Yesterday I was again reminded just how fleeting life can be. Today, we think, will go like so-and-so because it went much like that yesterday… and then something happens and we realise we really have no control over anything. I mean, even our breathing is involuntary – a base human function. So… how is this wave splashing over the rock… is it not the epitome of fleeting?

Last Thursday I posted about my friend Morné after getting news of his motorcycle accident. I’m happy to say, he has had the reconstructive knee surgery and will soon be transferred to a rehab centre for further daily treatment. The medical staff have said this will be the best option because they do not want him at home just yet – for fear of him doing himself an injury before his knee is strong enough to take his weight. We thank you for your prayers and thoughts – yep, that’s from Morné too!

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4 Responses to Thursday Thought – Fleeting…

  1. Mens neem dinge te gou as vanselfsprekend. Miskien moet ons met meer doelgerigtheid en dankbaarheid lewe

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    • aj vosse says:

      Purpose and gratitude – I like that!
      Ek is gewoonlik sterk op die dankbaarheid maar miskien moet ek ‘n bietjie meer doelgerig raak oor ‘n paar take wat moet gebeur! Dankie!! 😁😁

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlik om te hoor Morne is so goed oppad na herstel!

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