Friendship Friday – Forthemo … Slowly

For today’s friendship share I’ll go off to Italy. I would love for you to do the same – simply because your visit will result in you coming away from Forthemo’s art place with a smile firmly in place. And that my friends, must be the core purpose of blogging, don’t you think? Silent satisfaction and smile induction seems key in everything you’ll see when you visit.

At this stage, Forthemo is doing a “Slowly…” series. This got me thinking about doing something similar. Therefore, not only do I have to thank Forthemo for all the smiles he shares – I have to thank him for the inspiration – because, tomorrow, 01 Aug 2020 – I will begin a whole month of my own Slowly… posts. The only difference – I’ll be calling my series Random Slowly… because that’s what it will be… a series of photos of images that hang together only by the random thread!

So, there you have it – and all thanks to Forthemo! OK so… as it’s Friday… here’s a tip to follow for the series. I’ll try to include a tag (or three) for each post that could hint to the reason for the image on the day… as in today’s case… #Friday Flappers. I’ll share a pic taken in the rain… of the swan family down at the duck-pond…

So, if you’re wondering what you’ll get for tomorrow’s Random Slowly … #01 – I have no idea. We’ll all just have to wait and see what Lady Serendipity throws our way…

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6 Responses to Friendship Friday – Forthemo … Slowly

  1. (EN) Slowly thanks, Aj 😉
    (IT) Lentamente grazie, Aj😉

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  2. Mens kan net daar gaan sit en slowly…

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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Lyk na n lekker plek om bietjie asem te skep!


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