Farewell New York!

On our last afternoon in NYC we met for lunch at Grand Central Station and then walked from there to the bus terminus opposite the New York Times… via Times Square.

Those of you who know NYC will recognise the images I included in the YouTube clip I put together after returning home. However, this is the image that sparked the idea for the clip…

Yep… walking on the wild side… seems a very easy thing to do in NYC!! However, it also seems YouTube has blocked the clip in some counties… so, please click here to see if it will open for you! The lad above sparked it all… I promise!! If you can’t open the video… think Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side! I may remove the sound and include the video so you can sync with the images… but for now, see if you can open the original video. If not, maybe I can go private with it and provide the password??

UPDATE NOTE! Seems folk can’t open the video – copyright… I mean, as if I have such a massive channel! So, I’ve set it to private – here’s the link… you’ll have to get permission… by mailing me. Let’s see if that works???

PS – Thanks to those who have tried…

PPS – The Good Lady… the EIC, called around to point out some grammar errors… they’re fixed now!

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9 Responses to Farewell New York!

  1. Rainee says:

    Blocked in Australia due to copyright – that’s what it said 😮🌻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Una says:

    Ek kon dit nie oopmaak nie. 🙄


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