Thursday Thought… Enjoying the Last of Summer!

As you good folk know… we here in Ireland don’t have the best of summer weather. Actually, the last month of spring, May, was fantastic – so we hoped we’d be in for great summer. But alas, that did not really happen. However, the standard joke here in Ireland is that September the good weather returns… because that’s when the kids all go back to school. Indeed… to date, this September has most likely produced more good weather days than all three the summer months put together! Someone shared a thought – apparently this summer – June/ July / August – has been the dullest summer on record!

So… there you have the problem… I have been neglecting my blogging duties (again) as we chase the last of the warm weather. We’re down on the beach quite often – working out how the new metal detector operates. We’re also just down there for a walk or a look-see. On top of that, the last week has been hectic – magazine submission time is now closed so, hopefully I will have a little more time to call around to your pages! For now, please forgive me if I go off chasing the last bit of the Indian Summer… soon it too will pass and it will be dark and cold!

Some weeks ago I shared a video of our blackberry hunting trip… so, why don’t I now share a gallery of some of the photos taken during that walk? You may like to take a stroll through the woods with us…

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3 Responses to Thursday Thought… Enjoying the Last of Summer!

  1. Una says:

    Dankie AJ, dit was lekker om bietjie saam met julle deur die woud te loop.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Ja-Nee, mens moet die meeste maak van elke stukkie mooi weer; om dit voor n rekenaar te mors is sonde!


  3. Prior... says:

    Wonderful photos and I hope you are soaking up as much outside time as possible 😉


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