The Boy and the Pumpkin

I was going to do a Thursday Thoughts post today – about litter on our beaches – and doggy doo-doo’s along our footpaths… but, I’ll rather leave that for another day when I’m really in the mood for a good old rant. So… I thought I’d rather share a bit of fun with you… a ditty about a boy and his pumpkin… from planting the seed to sampling the flavours! (We’ll begin the pics at the first flower stage… )

The Boy and the Pumpkin

There once was a boy who planted some seeds
Against better judgement he completed the deeds
No digging in the soil is what his oupa reads
Compost on top, to minimise the spread of weeds

Of the handful of seeds a few young squashes sprout
The lad is happy – with glee and joy he does shout
This is what no dig veggie planting is all about
Alas – birds uproot the seedlings… pulling them out

However, one strong plant survives – giving hope
No… there’s no need over lost seedlings to mope
The one healthy, fine plant is best suited to cope
verdant tendrils creep from compost – up the slope

Bright yellow flowers among green leaves soon appear
hope turns into reality and spreads family cheer
there’ll soon be some gems, that becomes clear
oupa is happy – he’ll celebrate with a chilled beer

All-the-while – good wild compost is fertilising the land
And soon there’s rumours of a pumpkin harvest at hand
The boy’s first fruit of gem squash is baked just grand
However – the boy dislikes the taste – calling it bland!

Now, I bet your wondering about the story’s moral quest?
It’s really in the sharing – oupa and boy learning what is best!
compost feeding the soil – no dig enriching the growing zest
it’s in the process – in the knowledge – together we are blessed!

And… there you have it! The boy… and his pumpkin! I will add… the ditty is to be found in this month’s SAFFER Worldwide magazine. Do yourself a favour… visit – you won’t be disappointed! The magazine is blessed by having a number of regular submissions by some of our blog buddies, as well and others who add sparkle and class to the endeavour! As I said… you really won’t be disappointed… and, it’s FREE!! Download the magazine in PDF format… great quality! Just click on the link below… and do please share! For us, it’s all about sharing friendship and having fun!

SAFFER Worldwide Magazine – September 2020 Issue

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5 Responses to The Boy and the Pumpkin

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  2. Al wat lemoenpampoentjies eetbaar maak is die kaneelsuiker!


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