Friday Fact… Left Behind?

Seeing this lonely bale out in the middle of the field conjured up a few different thoughts. One of these thoughts turned around the current state of affairs in this world of ours – are events threatening to leave us behind? When the dust settles – will there be much left of our individual freedoms? Loads of thoughts going through my mind – including a few “what if” scenarios. That lead me to consider doing a “what if” series to take us through October. Join me next Monday/ Tuesday when I’ll elaborate a little…

PS – Three months to Christmas?? Will we be allowed to have one??

PPS – Happy Friday… do join me this evening around 17h45GMT – I’ll help drive away the beer-bug blues!! Click on the radio link below… the music will be good and the banter civil – no ads, no cursing… no blasphemy!

Saffer RADIO

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2 Responses to Friday Fact… Left Behind?

  1. Rainee says:

    I look forward to it. Maybe a chance for some philosophy 😊🧐🤓

    Liked by 1 person

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