What If – They’re Lying To You??

Let’s talk about the truth… and how we’re being played, but before we do that – disclaimer time first!

Disclaimer: This “What If” series is about me asking valid questions – it is NOT an attempt to create friction and/ or cause bad vibes. If you disagree then do so in a dignified manner. Don’t lose your rag – I am surely allowed to ask questions and/ or express an opinion – without getting vitriol as retaliation. Chances are, there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. The way I see it, there are theories that need to be investigated – there is no conspiracy in that, is there? Peace brothers and sisters – respect for the individual and for sanity, that’s all I’m asking for!

Let’s have a quick look at what we know about this bug that is going about at the moment.

  • It knows time – so, when a curfew is put in place, it gets particularly aggressive if you should overstay your welcome
  • it can measure – yep, it knows when you are less that 2 meters (also known as 6 foot) away from the dangerous person. Just by the way – I have in past engineering situations clearly stated that 2 meters does NOT equal 6 feet. So, how on earth can this bug differentiate if you’re thinking metric or imperial?
  • It knows time – even if the limits in your country are different to those in mine – it knows just when you have exceeded your allotted slot!
  • it is a very educated bug – yep, depending on where you may find yourself, it will decide on how many people you are allowed to be with – and just who these people may be.

As a case in point – I’ll share two photos which I took yesterday – the pics are of a filming event that took place in our little village…

… note – the bug knows the two actors are actors (lady with long tan coat and man with bag) – and that the film crew are working so they need masks – but the actors are acting so they don’t need masks. Mind you – seems the director fellow needed his mask to prop up his chin. Clever bug!

OK – so you think they partook in this thing called social distancing – I promise they didn’t!

Right, before I continue. I will state that I believe the virus is a very real threat – especially for our older folk. Those with underlying health issues are at greater risk – and those who are/ were herded into care centers are/ were even more in danger – hence the horrific statistics. Shame on the powers-that-be for subjecting senior citizens to such inhumane treatment – will they ever be held accountable?

But – time to ask a few more questions about our clever bug:

  • who told it that people in Sweden are special?
  • who told it that wearing a wet rag across your face means it will pass you by?
  • who told the bug that those wearing the smelly, wet rags dangling off their ears are less at risk?
  • who told the bug that all is well, until someone steps closer than 2 meters – even on a beach with a wind blowing in excess of 20 knots?

Really, to me it is common sense to doubt all the hype and stories about this bug. But then, as I’m often reminded – common sense seems to be a very uncommon thing these days! Therefore – I will leave you with this video clip… Dave Cullen says it way better than I could! Yes, I know this clip has a whole lot of Irish relevance – however, the questions apply globally!

All I’m suggesting – look into the lies – or, affirm the truth! Don’t swallow the hype holus bolus!!

So… after all that – I’ll leave you with a tranquil image to sooth your mind!

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4 Responses to What If – They’re Lying To You??

  1. Rainee says:

    We are very fortunate here in Western Australia as we have been living pretty much normal lives no for some time.

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  2. Una says:

    Jou “what if” het ń paar van my wonders ook aangeraak. Goeie skrywe, AJ.

    Liked by 1 person

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