Friday Phone Fun!

Yesterday I shared a few film shoot photos – so, why don’t I continue along those lines and show you a few more? The filming came across the river – to where I was sitting when I took the previous pics. A very prominent prop was visible – so, today I took a few pics of the prop – the first from where the action took place yesterday…

Next up… from closer – the main man is looking a tad damp and bewildered… he shouldn’t be, this is Ireland – and here it rains! (Photo taken through the windscreen – hence the glassy sheen…)

However – you may say there’s very little fun in these two pics… and I may agree. So, lets step back a day – to when the filming was happening on the opposite bank and the phonebooth was in need of investigation. Well according to my good lady lonely phonebooth props need investigation…

However – the best fun I saved for last… the good lady legging it away from the booth… apparently afraid of being caught red-handed at snooping!

PS – Please don’t tell her I told you…

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1 Response to Friday Phone Fun!

  1. Prior... says:

    How cool to see the filming and props – and the classic red phone booth will stand out in that movie scene


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