Six on Saturday – Co Wicklow WWI Memorial Park

The good lady and I occasionally flit off on unplanned, impromptu trips to spots in our vicinity. Earlier this week we stopped at the Memorial Park at Woodenbridge. As we walked from the parking toward the garden the famous Irish rain played it’s part too. So, the images all took on that shiny bright luster of damp beauty.

This pink beauty is courtesy the GLW…

The Memorial commemorates Co Wicklow’s World War One fallen – something that was not done for many years.

Today we’ll celebrate the beauty of the flowers and fungi we found.

Even on a damp autumn day the colours and forms added harmony…

Another beauty, courtesy my GLW – yes, we are a team and we both love taking happy snaps of blossoms and blooms… and butterflies and grandkids and whatever catches the eye!

Last but not least – I leave you with a bit of information about the memorial…

There you have it… my contribution to this week’s Six on Saturday fun!

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5 Responses to Six on Saturday – Co Wicklow WWI Memorial Park

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Lovely flowers even if they are a bit damp.


  2. Sheree says:

    Gorgeous photos, I particularly like the one of the hydrangea.


  3. Rainee says:

    Beautiful photos!


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