Moments on Monday – Fruitful Weekend!

Have you heard of Prunus Spinosa? No? Well… you should look into this hedgerow fruit, that you should! Why? Because that name means beware! The spinose part comes from the spines… thorny and sharp! So… be dared… go harvest a handful of sloes, as the fruit are known. Yep, the very same fruit that’s well known in the production of sloe gin! Sloe what? Aha… you’ll have to wait… that’s a story for another day!

Lovely little plums… against the October autumn sky! Plumbs? No… sloes… of the mouth numbing kind!

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1 Response to Moments on Monday – Fruitful Weekend!

  1. Paddy Tobin says:

    I have never bothered with sloes nor sloe gin though, to be honest, I have a batch of damson gin in process at the moment. The damsons grow on the garden ditch so there is no bother gathering them – nor any thorns!

    I did a good collection of blackberries this year – Blackberry jelly – and rosehips – Rosehip Jelly!


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