Tuesday Treat – Blackberry Wine!

And so it happened! On Sunday we sampled the juice(s) of our labour. Yep, we went off to the woodland area where we harvested the fruit to make our first ever blackberry wine – from scratch! I recorded the whole palava… for posterity! Also, I took photos – or so I thought! Seems I only took one photo… the one below…

To my dismay, yep… empty glasses… that what I took a photo of – no sign of any juice of our labour here – unless you can see that there actually is something in the bottle! However – I did manage to get the pouring and the wine in the video. And there I had to do a second take too – just call me the boo-boo brewer!! Right so… without any further ado… grab yourself something to sup on, sit back, relax and watch!

PS – The October issue of the SAFFER Worldwide magazine will hit the virtual shelves later today… be sure to know I’ll share the link as soon as that happens. In the meantime… visit the website to have a look-see at all the past issues… free and verniet!


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