Thursday Thoughts – What IF – Vaccines Become Mandatory?

I write this as we go into another six week lockdown period. Yes, those in this country who make these decisions have deemed it necessary to place us under enforced house arrest – again! When this virus thing first hit, we all tried to understand why we had to suddenly change all the natural laws that had previously applied to illness and the spread of common viruses. Yes, before 2020, the ill stayed home while those who were not ill chose to go about life as best as possible.

Now, even if you’re fighting fit and able to do all the things you have been doing – even when faced with seasonal illnesses – you may no longer apply common sense. You may no longer exercise your freedom of choice. That means only one thing – you are now subject to state mandates. And, that smacks of totalitarianism. Those of us who are old enough to remember things like communism and the evil it brought on the general population will now begin to wonder where all of this is heading?

Let me venture a guess – total state control can’t be too far away. Now – in the name of safety – you are subjected to the whims and moods of those in power. Seems to me the general public are being herded like sheep… to the slaughterhouse – where individual freedom will summarily be sacrificed in the name of what is best for you! Yep, no longer will you be allowed to decide for yourself – you will now be told that you have to do this and that – or else you cannot be part of the community.

Here in this little country where we claim to live in freedom, we are now constantly bombarded with adverts for vaccines – we are constantly bombarded with threats – if you don’t do as the government is dictating you will soon be faced with spot fines. Imagine the indignation of being told you will have to wear a wet rag across your face – or else you are in breach of the law… and you will be fined! Or, heaven forbid – you somehow exceed the five kilometer travel radius.

Fines and threats – and all of that to protect the false case figures being forced down our throats daily. I have yet to meet ONE person who can show me someone who died of this bug – not someone who died of all the other underlying issues they were suffering with! Yes, I know the old folk were badly affected – make no mistake, they are vulnerable – so, as common sense would dictate, protect them – don’t force them all into locations where the virus spreads rapidly amongst the already weak patients.

Now, if you ask me, government officials were largely to blame for overpopulating nursing homes – so, why have these officials not been charged with criminal neglect and put behind bars? Are these not the very same officials who dictate this latest round of house arrest? How? How can people guilty of wrong decisions and faulty judgement still be allowed to make the rules?

I don’t have the answers. All I can do is stress again – question everything, always! If you don’t, you are soon going to be faced with the fact that the lawmakers are going to make vaccines mandatory. So, what will you do when they come knocking on your door to insist they have to take you away because you have not followed the dictates? I know there are going to be difficult choices to make in the near future… therefor, why not start asking yourself a few questions now? Maybe that will help prepare you better for what will surely happen – if we don’t begin standing up for ourselves and claiming back of right to individual freedom of choice!

The only second wave I see is the intensification of government control… washing away our freedom of choice…

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8 Responses to Thursday Thoughts – What IF – Vaccines Become Mandatory?

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    There is a lot of truth in what you have said here Vossie, but if the only choice I have is reliance on government to control the situation or reliance on the general public to use their common sense in order not to spread the disease, I’m afraid that I will have to bow my head to authority. Also, I’ve been notified by friends and acquaintances who contracted the disease of the adverse effect on their health – some of these previously perfectly healthy people are still battling the effects many weeks after having been declared medically “recovered”. It seems to be a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. So far the social distancing and santising programmes have worked well for us, so we will stay undercover for a while longer.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – and add value to the debate.
      I think the only difference between there and here can be the level of education and/ or stupidity of the general public. Adding – here, it seems to be about on par with there. Included in the levels of stupidity are the government officials… there is an option for questioning but in most countries the questions are against the narrative so they are suppressed and/ or censored!
      Fortunately we have still got the option and choices to debate here – I respect your views and hope you can continue to practice your freedom of choice… something that seems to be rapidly being taken away from me here!

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  2. Paddy Tobin says:
    A review of published data and analysis on the Spanish flu, found that cities that adopted early and broad isolation and prevention measures had disease and mortality rates that were 30% to 50% lower than other cities.
    This approach, restrictions on movement etc., has been used previously and successfully

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  3. Rainee says:

    I will be game to comment Vossie! You raise some valid points, especially about aged care. It has been a smaller disaster here, but still a disaster. Hopefully this will be a wake up call. Generally speaking though I would prefer to go along with our (not yours) rather than let the virus make those decisions. I am trying to live like a Stoic and accept that many things in life are out of my contract. I try to have mastery (try) over the things I can change 😊🌻

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    • aj vosse says:

      I will honour your right to your opinion! 😁😁
      I love that we can disagree and that you then don’t block me or call me strange names!!
      Thanks for commenting – you are indeed a true reflection of the values you believe in! 👍😉

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