Thursday Thoughts – What If – Jesus Was A Philosopher?

Two weeks ago I did a post about friend Socrates, listing a few quotes attributed to him. I’ll expand just briefly on my thoughts about philosophers. I have long held that they are mere humans – often clinging to just one idea and expanding that into a school of thought. Each philosopher has his own take on things and each seem to have their own set of devout followers.

OK so… if you, as a mere mortal, decides to live your life based on the teachings of one of these wise folk, how will you know whether said doctrine is fact or fiction? I mean… it seems to me that some of the “ancients” never recorded one letter of their “writings” – apparently only about 10% of Socrates’ words were recorded by Plato.

The list of so-called modern philosophers – let’s say from the Renaissance onward – is endless. Here’s a link to Wiki-P’s list of 19th century thinkers (birth dates). Among the names on this list you’ll find notorious murderers and the founders of totalitarian thinking. You’ll find the person attributed to claiming that “God is dead.” You’ll find names you’ve never heard of and most likely never will.

And… that leads to my main contention with following the teachings of these so-called wise folk. If you follow their ways, you will most likely die a sorry death – or land in prison for committing crimes against humanity… like quite a few on the list should’ve been fated. Alas, they weren’t… just think of Lenin and Marx, to name but a few.

Now… onto today’s question… what if Jesus was a philosopher?

Let me be blunt – I would rather keep following the teachings of Jesus than any or all of the philosophers, past, present and future! The words of Jesus bring healing and peace… not strife and misery.

NOTE: I will state here – it is my firm belief that manmade religion kills – but true faith heals!

Yes folk, I do not apply my thinking to what men have done to biblical writings, adding and/ or subtracting from scripture. I do not apply my thinking to what the so-called church says about this or that. Far too many wars were fought in the name of someone’s church doctrine or gods.

I take my inspiration from the words of Jesus. NO, don’t – don’t say I first need to prove that He really existed. That’s the beauty of faith, my faith. I believe Jesus’ words recorded in the Bible to be my guiding light. I base my principles on the teachings of the wisest philosopher who ever walked this planet!

There we have it… if others can follow the teachings of this philosopher or that thinker and it is accepted, then we believers in the teachings of Jesus can surely be left to get on with our lives – and not be ridiculed for our beliefs?

What I find so worrying with all these lockdown rules is that there seems to be a direct attack on Christian worship. Look at all the laws forbidding fellowship, especially in churches… yet, in many places, I bet the casinos and bookie-shops are free to operate as they please. Many believe that this onslaught on Christianity is all part of the new norm… when totalitarian dogma will be forced down our throats and the rights of the individual will become nothing more that a distant memory!

Thanks for joining me for this month’s set of Thursday Thoughts. As always, I only ask that you keep questioning – to paraphrase friend Socrates… question everything! I’ll leave you with two YouTube clips today… in keeping with a-song-a-day for this week… and also quite a long clip – raising many of the questions we need to be asking ourselves!

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7 Responses to Thursday Thoughts – What If – Jesus Was A Philosopher?

  1. Una says:

    Weet jy, AJ, ek kan my lewe glad nie sonder Jesus voorstel nie. Ek haal asem deur Hom, die Drie Eenheid. En ja, ek respekteer ander gelowe en sienswyses, want dit laat my nooit ń sekonde twyfel aan Die Een in Wie ek glo nie. Inteendeel, dis waar mý vryheid lê. Om absoluut te weet wie Vader is.

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  2. Toortsie says:

    Ek stem saam oor wat jy sê van Jesus. Ek weet dat Hy leef. Regtig leef. Hy praat daagliks met my en is betrokke in my alledaagse bestaan.
    Soos jy sê, ek gun ook die ander ou om te glo en te volg wat hy wil, daarom wil ek ook graag sommer net toegelaat word om vir Jesus te volg en in Hom te glo soos ek wil.
    Mooi dag!

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  3. Rainee says:

    I just wrote a long reply and deleted by mistake☹️😮. I will summarise …. I spent decades as a practising Christian and even studied theology for a while but I was miserable. With the philosophers I read them with interest and sometimes learn something worthwhile but I haven’t ever considered following them like a Christian follows Christ. I gained new ways of seeing my world and I and much freer and happier in myself. Just now I am learning all I can about the ancient Stoics and Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor. I acknowledge that elements of Stoicism can be found in Christianity. I seek wisdom and truth and there are many roads that lead there. 😇🙂

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    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Rainee,
      Thanks for your insight… your wisdom is an illuminating beacon for so many, me included!
      You are correct when it comes to misable Christians! I do not enjoy being around them too. Thus, I have gone my own way with my Faith! I am a believing Christian but, I do NOT adhere to any church religion… I feel that is where Christianity falls flat!
      Yes, you are also right in seeking wisdom elsewhere – and you have taught me to do likewise! Thanks again! I have learned to take the good and leave behind the not so good! However, my guiding principles will always be rooted in “that Book”… and the message of Jesus. I feel then, I can’t be that far from the truth!
      Thanks again for your positive and helpful take on things! You set an example of how we can get on – even when we disagree at times!
      Long live free speech and the ability to express individual thoughts! 😁👍😉
      PS – God does not want his followers to be miserable – live in joy, and for me, that starts in gratitude! 😇😇😇

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