Six on Saturday – Saturday Serenade…

So far this week, I have shared a song each day. That got me wondering… what will the song be for today? Or, should we share six songs? Then I remembered that this weekend is pumpkin carving time. So, do I find pumpkin songs? Adult pumpkin songs? Do I share veggies and flowers and songs? I dithered this way… and dathered that way, until it dawned upon me to combine the two ideas. One song and five photos, how does that sound?

So… let’s begin with the pumpkins. Yes, yes… that’s my good lady burdened under the load. The two larger ones are homegrown… look back to my first SoS post… you’ll learn more about great-granddad’s pumpkin growing spree.

No, we didn’t let the beast of burden carry them into the house… we merely had her pose with the fruits of our labour. Now, you may wonder about the setting. Easy, we were visiting the grandkids… for the annual carving session. You see, I’ve been designated family carver… so, I had to save my strength to successfully carry out my art… thus getting the good lady to momentarily act as the beast… of burden, that is.

Next up we’ll have some flowers. Just inside the gate is this stalwart dahlia bush… still in full glory mode, even as October rushes to a stormy close.

While I was snapping away at the bright and beautiful flowers I noticed something odd happening close to the bush… and yes, the fungi are in full bloom too. They have to be… at this time of the year it is just appropriate that they do their soil cultivation thing…

Right so… if you were wondering who carried the pumpkins in while I was snapping away… well, the son and I – before I went out to take the snaps. I bet you didn’t think we left the good lady to toil away while we had fun… or did you?

Now… I was faced with another conundrum… will it be right to show off in the house photos, even though I was keeping with the pumpkin theme? OH well, thought I, this once I will cheat… I will drag the garden into the house… and in the process reward the good lady for posing with the pumpkins. The next two photos are courtesy of her good self. The first one artfully sticking with the theme – while I carve merrily away.

Yes yes… I retained seeds… we will endeavour to grow next silly season’s fruit from scratch again! See that lil red tub just above the spooky bat’s right wing… that’s for collecting pumpkin pips!

Next… here’s the result of the final carve… gallantly held aloft by GDL. The disguise? Well, we were treated to a variety concert in the lounge… as reward for the carving session. GDL was the main organiser of said show… lil miss project manager had it all planned – to the last carefully choreographed steps.

You may wonder what’s next? Only five photos… very few taken in the garden and yet, I’m claiming to be taking part in this week’s Six on Saturday? Yes, I have bent the rules… and as I suggested above… here’s number six… a great song… loosely associated with a lady who left us far, far too early.

No… no pumpkin songs… rather a classic that transcends time. That’s my six for today… off topic, on topic… in the garden, poetic licence… whatever!

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4 Responses to Six on Saturday – Saturday Serenade…

  1. Jou lewenslus straal uit jou vertelling. Hierdie tannie het lekker gesrik vir GDL se gesiggie! En (‘skuus Lou) die pampoen is pragtig gekerf.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Una says:

    Ag AJ, ek het al van The Rose vergeet. Dankie vir die skrywe, ek kon nou heerlik lê en luister… Daardie pampoene, hulle is lieflik!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      Daankie Una… ja, dis my doel in die lewe… om mense te laat smaail! En, so nou en dan ook te herhinder dat daar lekker ou tunes is om na te luister!!👍😉😁


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