Six on Saturday – Early November Fun

Fun? Yep… fun indeed! I bet you’ll agree… hastily putting together a SoS post while doing an unplanned cooking job can easily be defined as fun! Yep… I need one finger of each of my two hands to do the typing. So, when I decided I’d better get the weekend’s chicken soup stock going (you see… we’ve been scheduled for a few unplanned activities tomorrow afternoon) on Friday evening, I realised that stirring the post with the left hand and typing with the right is some sort of fun!

But… fortunately I ran around in the garden earlier on in the day to take photos – while we had bits of almost horizontal sunshine hitting a few plants. Thus, all was well with the photos. That only meant I had to wrestle with the new editor… while stirring the pot – literally! OK… let me get the show on the road… with a happy snap of an unhappy experiment gone wrong. Mmmm yes, I planted the sweetcorn far too late…

Yep… the plants tried game-fully… they cannot be described as anything but resilient and brave. Their planter however, he was far too slow off the mark… yep, nothing new there! However… there are also ongoing successes happening as we speak. The first signs that we will have garlic next year, if all goes well.

Not only is there a chance of a garlic harvest but we could well have our own few heads of broccoli too!! Hold on… hold on, before we get to the green globules – I have to stir the pot first. Now – if you’re wondering – I love making soup. It’s almost a two day process… the stock takes longer to make than the soup itself, promise! But… back to the broccoli…

Right so… now onto some garden colour… starting with another success story! This beauty was grown from a slip of a plant – actually my good lady acquired three large blooms in individual pots some time ago… way back when. After the blooms started withering I stuck the stems into water and lo-and-behold… all three took. The small plants were shoved into a pot and left to look after themselves.

This they did – they actually thrived and grew right through last winter. At some point we planted them out into larger pots and watched them reach for the sky. We wondered… what next? We then planted the three individuals out into the garden. This mother is now about 600mm tall… and beginning to bloom! I tell you what, I will be shoving a whole load of cutting into pots… and repeating the above process… so, watch this space – in about a year’s time!

The white and yellow plants are a little less imposing… results of my mismanagement – but, with the lessons learned I will make sure their offspring stand a better chance next year! Right… here’s another success. A rescued, rootbound plant saved and transplanted in our lil garden…

Yes, yes… I stirred the pot in-between photos… promise! Can’t burn the stock – that will cause dissention in the ranks! Right so… before I wear out my one typing finger and my stirring arm… here’s the last pic for today. An artsy thing again… complete with starling photobomb going by…

So… as I dash off to stir the pot… I hope, by the time you read this that the stockpot will be in fine form. I also hope you enjoy my take on this week’s Six on Saturday… and, feel free to click on the link to visit some of the other contributions!

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6 Responses to Six on Saturday – Early November Fun

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Wow – you have corn! I have given up trying to grow it here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous photo with the starling! It would have been pretty without it, but it just seems to make the shot now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      I have to agree with you… I rather like that blur whizzing by!! Thanks for calling around and commenting! Good to have you here!😁👍


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