Monday Memories – The Samuel Beckett Bridge

This photo is almost a year old – taken last December – in a dim and distant time where one could jump onto a bus and travel into Dublin City without restrictions. Mmmm yes, I wonder how many people got onto that bus carrying a flu virus or common cold infection that they passed on to fellow passengers?

Anyway… it was a chilly, bright day so the bridge stood out well against the blue sky. Also note how high the water level is beneath the bridge… the result of a spring high tide, if I can remember correctly.

Right so… that’s my Monday Memory for today – from a time when freedom still played a part in our travel plans.

PS – If you feel like sharing a Monday Memory – then why don’t you use the #MondayMemories tag and for the fun, place a back link to this post – as I said, for the fun!

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1 Response to Monday Memories – The Samuel Beckett Bridge

  1. Sheree says:

    Great photo


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