Thursday Thoughts – Who Is Accountable For Your Health?

This blog has a page where I documented a few facts and fantasies about our health. It is time I update that page – to reflect a few facts about what is happening in 2020 – and how we are being subjected to barrages of fake news and “official” (mis)information about the need to do this, or the need to do that – to ensure good health!

I have asked questions about the narrative – I have challenged both family and friends here in the blog-sphere and also in real life. But… before I get to all of the “new normal” stuff, let me step back a few years.

It is now an accepted fact that cholesterol DOES NOT cause CVD! Much has been written about the origin of the hypostasis and the demands placed on the health systems in mostly the western world by our food consumption. We are eating ourselves ILL! And then, big pharma takes over and medicates us to keep us that way!

Yes, all you need to do is place a few interesting terms into browser search bars… how about we begin with a few simple ideas, like:

Pfizer statin law suits

Cholesterol myths

Is type 2 diabetes permanent?

I can give you a few more ideas for the search bar but by now I’m sure you will know what your own questions may be, and know where you can find answers. No… your doctor may not want to give you the information you are looking for – because big pharma have a whole lot of them in their pockets. Also, these days, when you and/ or your doctor ask questions you will get censured – and if you dare ask those questions on one of big tech’s platforms, you will get censored!!

Right, all the above leads me to the questions of 2020 – mostly to this carry-on about vaccines! I will state bluntly – I am now regarded as an anti-vaxxer because I REFUSE to be injected with a vaccine for this so-called pandemic disease. There is enough information out there – for those who care to search – about what is going on. Just yesterday these headlines appeared.

This makes me wonder – how can a company that is/ was responsible for the massive statin myth and misery still be allowed to produce new medicines?? How can they be trusted with providing safe drugs?? Mostly though, how can the gullible public still want to line up to be dosed with a vaccine that is at minimum a risk and at maximum a dangerous, harm causing concoction?

I will end here – but, not before asking the simple question again,

who is accountable for your personal health?

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