Flapper Friday – Bend and Stretch

Who remembers the days of TV morning exercise… in the 80’s, me thinks?? No… I bet you don’t remember – and, I don’t blame you. Mmm… a bit of research suggests it was a South African production I was on about. So, the ducks and geese were doing their bend and stretchy stuff… reminding me of days and places I shouldn’t be reminded of!

Yes, I said I did some research… and this proves it. Mind you, I’m just sharing this to show you Table Mountain in Cape Town… yep, the Fairest Cape of All!

Oh… OK, I’ll show you the swans doing their bit too… bottoms up to you too!!

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1 Response to Flapper Friday – Bend and Stretch

  1. Prior... says:

    haha – the connection to the bend and stretch was fun
    and at first I th9ught you meant “bend and snap” which was in legal Blonde I

    and the throwback video made the humor better – thanks for adding it


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