The Year That Was 2020 – Warped Traditions Begin

If, last year on this day, I had told you we would all be subjected to new traditions because our old selves were no longer allowed back to the old traditions then you would’ve told me I was wonky-doodle-gonky! Of that I am sure. Anyway, to try and beat our latest round of restrictions we had our Old-Year’s family gathering on Boxing/ St Stephens Day, being yesterday. Yep… from today we are no longer able to cross county borders… so, life gets just a little more convoluted as of today.

However – this blog has traditionally summarised the happenings of the previous year, usually beginning with the first quarter on this day. Who even remembers January, February and March? Yes… March was that month when most people began realising that life had taken on a new (warped) meaning. Therefore, I will get going with my own reminders – of what was like before the strange virus arrived from the East…

PS – Can anyone please advise how I can get the new WP gallery settings to display randomly?? Grrrrr… why break something that once worked just well?? GRRRR!!!

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4 Responses to The Year That Was 2020 – Warped Traditions Begin

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Love the gallery

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  2. Pragtige foto’s van ‘n pragtige land! (Ja, WP het drooggemaak met die fotogalery, tensy daar iewers ‘n handboek is waarvan ek nie weet nie.)

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