Thursday Thought – Build Your Foundation on the Rock

Last week I asked who will speak for us when we can no longer speak freely. Seems it took less than a week for it to become patently obvious that free speech is fast becoming a thing of the past. It seems to me that the onslaught of big tech on the rights of the individual – to ask questions or to differ from the narrative – is intensifying daily.

When I noticed what the high tide had left for me to take a few snaps of, the first thought that entered my mind was the parable of building on earth or on rock. Basically, the philosophy is how you choose to plan – if you don’t have solid foundations then you are in trouble. The freedom of the individual to select his or her course of action and then to debate and/ or defend that course is now under threat!

If I say to you that I base my foundation on Judeo-Christian values and that I will do for as long as I live, how can you want to shut me down and not allow me to live my life by my code? Seems to me that the core values I profess to follow are well aligned to the principle of do unto others as you would want other to do to you. That rather smacks of tolerance, don’t you think? Something our friends running the tech giants seem to have lost sight of.

There you have it – I will continue speaking – because if I don’t, who will do it for me?

If you’re wondering, this is the reference I’ll leave with you – Luke 6 vs 46 to 49

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Build Your Foundation on the Rock

  1. Una says:

    Dis een van die redes hoekom ek by jou lees, AJ, jy gee jou mening sonder om ander uit te sluit.

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