Thursday Thought – Joe Who??

Today is a momentous day in history… unlike so many other days that have come and gone. Today is the beginning of an era that may well not have happened – or, as many have suggested, should not have happened – if there hadn’t been a few irregularities at a few vote counting centers in a few States, in what was once a great country.

Yes, I’m choosing my words carefully because I’m not sure if WP may begin censuring and banning bloggers for using terms like “voter fraud” or “rigged elections”.

Anyway, back to the question… Joe Who? I’m not going to say much apart from asking, do you want the leader of your country to go by one of his many nicknames… just this one… Creepy Joe?? No… I won’t want the leader of my country to go by such a name… because it asks more questions than it offers answers.

Interesting days ahead… and who knows, maybe the intolerant party of acceptance for all will return to a bit of a more tolerant stance… and accept that others may differ in opinion and values. Let’s just hope Joe Who manages to cling on to sane, rational thought long enough to point the new administration toward a brighter future. Not likely but hey, many will say we now only have hope to rely on!

Storm clouds looming…

As always, question everything – I’m sure there will be some (like me) who wonder why big tech deems it necessary to shut down any discussion about the potential of rigged election results? Seems their man needed all the help he could get… creepy thought, don’t you think?

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Joe Who??

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Maak nie saak hoe mens daarna kyk nie…politiek en politici is en bly ‘n sirkus met narre. Party narre is net snaakser as ander.

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