Thursday Thoughts – Blue Skies…

Yesterday, I was out metal detecting – spending a few hours in the sunshine. I wondered, does the feeling of spring in the air make spring a reality? No… I guess not. However, the pretty sights around were enough to convince me that temporarily it was spring. (By evening it was chilly and raining again…)

So… I next wondered if the lies about this plandemic are wearing thin… and that soon the masses will begin standing up for themselves – and we’ll go into the next phase of the recovery period… the proverbial post-plandemic spring. Do I dream? Will we get off our butts and demand our freedom or has the overreaching might of the authorities driven so much fear into the population that we will remain in the winter of discontent?

Yes, folk – I know it is a real sickness… but hey, the numbers are so twisted by false test results that even the globalist lackeys at the WHO have had to admit that the testing methods are totally excessive! Also, one of the leading authorities who the whole world seems to follow (the CDC) have stated that masks don’t work… yet, their head man has of late suggested that we should wear two!! How dire…

OK… I’ll move on… and hope that spring springs… in more senses than one!

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