Thursday Thoughts – Where to Next?

Lately, we here in Ireland have been subjected to an ever increasing number of fines. Not only are the number of “offences” escalating but the amounts levied are climbing steeply too. Just recently – you could be fined €500 for taking “non-essential” flights to some destination of your choice. That amount has now been bumped up to €2000 – yes, per person! So… if you flit off to visit a loved one and our dear authoritarians deem the trip as non-essential, you are out of pocket by a substantial amount of money. It seems to me that a very broke government is now looking at any possible means to fleece the public even more!

Vapour trails… linking the dots… or, are they?

Anyway… pray tell, since when do the-powers-that-should-not-be decide what is essential and what is not? Also, why can some countries’ citizens do xyz but we can’t – yet, we’re all part of the same EU? I mean… the EU is dictating strategy yet our puppet-masters are not dancing to the same tunes as other puppet-masters. It seems to me that the globalists are all singing off different song sheets, don’t you think? Anyway… it all comes down to our freedom… and how it has been stolen from us in devious and direct ways… seemingly with the permission of vast swathes of the population who are just too happy to be conned into believing all the lies and hype – about a man-made sickness that has a recovery rate of way over 99%. Some pandemic – some lies – some grip on the minds of the people!

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