Storm Warning… FUN!

We’ve been battered by high winds for days – mostly off the Irish Sea – so, the waves have grown up nice and wildly… and, together with the spring tide high water, we were treated to some fun down at the breakwater, again! We love it when the conditions are right… stormy weather and big seas fits that category just nicely for us!

I will add, we don’t do daft things – we act safely and take care not to expose ourselves to danger. Yep… we’ve reached the age where sense rules… promise! Anyway… I had to fight the winds while clinging onto the camera… so this shot isn’t altogether crisp… but it does give you an idea of the power of the pounding sea…

This photo was taken on Saturday the thirteenth… is it any less unlucky or more lucky than Friday thirteenth?? Who knows? Happy Monday… have a great week… be good, stay safe!

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1 Response to Storm Warning… FUN!

  1. My kinders bo in Donegal het die mooiste sneeuman gebou!


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