Tuesday Treats and Tunes…

I’m between two laptops – the fast, new one is falling apart – so, I had to revert back to my trusty old job that has been around since 2015. Yep, it’s a long time for a laptop. However, I have limited photos on the old workhorse so I’m a bit at a loss for photos at the moment – until I transfer the folders from the rapidly dying device. However, I enjoyed this series of photos taken a few week’s ago… so, why not share another?

OK… so, here’s something else I enjoy… a cool, cool song by one of those great acts from the Seventies… when rock and blues was still creative and inspiring, especially Southern Rock, of which Lynyrd Skynydr was at the pinnacle of their performance. Well, that was before tragedy struck the band too…

Yep… those were the days when bands could front three lead guitarists… and they all rocked! OK… so, as I haven’t wished you all a happy new month… why don’t I throw in a quick short here?

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3 Responses to Tuesday Treats and Tunes…

  1. Aaa, 1976! Kyk die hare!!


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