Seaside Saturday – Away…

I think we have been subjected to lockdowns here in Ireland almost longer than any other country on the planet. What started as the “two weeks to flatten the curve” has now really been taken to the extreme. Last year, about this time, we were told that we had to stay home… to flatten the curve. Well, as a result of all this flattening we (as a family) have lost out on so much. Yes, I know others have too… yes, I know we have to think of the health and safety of others… but by-oh-boy… this situation is now rapidly taking on ominous proportions. We were supposed to attend our son’s wedding in New York State last October… now I wonder if I will ever see them in the flesh again??

OK… so, this post wasn’t supposed to be a total rant… but, I’m thinking others are also longing to see different destinations… so, I’ll delve back into the media files and bring you a few seaside scenes from a select few Irish counties… from Donegal to Derry and Kerry to Wexford… not forgetting good old Counties Dublin and Wicklow, our home county…

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4 Responses to Seaside Saturday – Away…

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Pragtige uitsigte, AJ.

    Is jou seun toe getroud, of het hulle die bruilof uitgestel?

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